Hello, we are sulkta soaking pool, we exist first to further the cardano network and tortoises.

We operate 5 relay nodes located in Canada, France, and Germany. They are all bare metal running in datacenters.

We hope to be adding more relay nodes as the pool grows, we will operate a single pool and expand nodes as rewards allow.

The main goal we have is to expand the cardano network with more relay nodes in areas of the globe they are needed, we hope to move to africa next. o and save the tortoises.

Freedom above all, all human life is equal, support decentralization, opensource, and unity of all people, regardless of race, location, or political views.

O yeah, love turtles and tortoises!


Sulkta Member Shops

The Drunken Raccoon - Etsy
Chromatic Craft Co - Etsy